Infrastructure Services

Whether it’s the virtualisation of devices, services, operating systems, data media or network resources, or indeed the planning of high-performance IT infrastructures or cloud solutions, softisticated consulting is a powerful partner in operational IT optimisation and will make a perceptible difference to the amount of resources you need in the future.


An example: virtualisation: We support our customers in their effort to make operational savings in their business. You’ll benefit from our many years of experience with hypervisors for Vmware, Oracle and KVM.

Planning Highly Available Infrastructure Services

Another example: infrastructure services: Having had many years of experience with middleware products, database design and load balancer solutions, we will ensure that your business-critical service has a guaranteed level of high availability and that your system will perform well.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud technology opens up many opportunities, not only in the sale of applications. softisticated consulting can help you leverage the benefits of cloud technology in no time at all. We can use our knowledge of Kubernetes, Openshift, AWS, Azure (Microsoft) and Googlecloud (GCE) to develop cloud computing and container applications for you. Does your application need to be made cloud-ready? Our Software Engineering Team would be pleased to advise.