Management Services

Having carried out hundreds of successful projects as IT service providers, our Management Services are ideally placed to support highly demanding customers by handling important background jobs. We manage projects from A to Z, and we also manage applications and their further development and ensure successful product rollouts. Moreover, we take on the same level of responsibility as for our own in-house projects. Find out for yourself.

Project management

We plan and manage your projects from the initial idea to their final conclusion. We are highly responsible in ensuring realistic scheduling, accurate budgeting and planning of resources as well as good communication with the relevant requesters and their teams – both local and distributed over a wider area. Depending on the need for creativity and the character of the project, we either put the main focus on agility or we use the proven ITIL project management approach.

Application Management

Regardless of whether the application is a standard solution or a customised development, softisticated consulting GmbH will handle your software in a responsible manner, supporting, developing and managing its application.

Rollout Management

When new software is introduced, there is a particular focus on data migration to ensure consistency in your business operations. With softisticated consulting you can be sure that your business will be up and running again soon – thanks to our data transmission procedures and the operational services we use during conversion.